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Nevada State Bird

Nevada's state bird, the Mountain bluebird, is a beautiful bird that lives in the Nevada country and woodlands. This bird provides a lovely song, which is similar to robins, and feeds on harmful insects. Nevada's state bird was selected in the 1930's. Moreover, the citizens of Nevada chose the Mountain bluebird. Children were also included in this vote. However, the Mountain bluebird did not become the official state bird until 1967. This was when the Nevada state legislature approved the bill. The Mountain bluebird is one of many state symbols. Other symbols include the state flag, state tree, state flower, and so forth.

The Mountain bluebird is a small bird. The average size of these birds is 6 inches. They have a small bill, and are often noticed flying freely in the air and in open areas. Male and female Mountain bluebirds have different characteristics. Male Mountain bluebirds are identified by a bright blue color on the upper part of their bodies. Female Mountain bluebirds have blue wings and a slight grayish color. Sometimes, it is difficult to distinguish Mountain bluebirds from other bluebirds. Other bluebirds have a touch of brown color, whereas Mountain bluebirds have a mixture of gray in their blue coat.

Nevada's state bird, the Mountain bluebird, is interestingly attracted to wooded areas that have been burned. During forest fires, birds migrate to other woodlands. Once a fire is extinguished, few birds remain. However, Mountain bluebirds are known to "move into" these areas. The disappearance of other birds makes these forests ideal nesting areas. These birds enjoy nesting in trees. In addition, Mountain bluebirds also seek homes in man-made nesting boxes. Nevada's state birds travel in small packs; and are generally spotted flying close to the ground. This makes it easier for them to find insects and other food.

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